54. august is au-guest month!

thinking about the tiny driver community

Hi there! 👋 I’m Ida, and this is tiny driver, a newsletter about research, pedagogy, culture and their intersections. Thank you for being here. Reach out anytime by just hitting reply, I love hearing from you.

Hello, and happy Monday.

This is the last time I'll be writing tiny driver in my Chicago apartment—an era has ended! While I've been in the process of moving, there's not much to report, so I want to use this space to let you know what's coming during the month of August.

August will be a month-long extravaganza of guest newsletter writers!

One of the goals I have for this next year of tiny driver is to build a more intimate community of writers and readers. This started with the tiny driver book club (which has been so much fun!!). I'm now trying my hand at sharing this space with other writers I hope to amplify and whose work reflects the broader ethos of tiny driver. So, while I am taking a break this next month to drive across half the country and figure out how to hook up internet in my new apartment, my newsletter-writing friends will be taking over and giving you a sense of their own work in "what I write," "what I teach," and "what I consume" style. Never fear, I'll be back in September, but I am so excited to see what my friends do with this space.

Here's a little sneak peek at who will be taking over tiny driver, just in case you're already hyped!

August 2: Devin Kate Pope of The Ponder
August 9: Stephan Caspar of The Spaces in Between
August 16: Emily Beugelmans Cook of Hired Humanities
August 23: Jihii Jolly of Time Spent
August 30: Nisha Mody of The Healing Hype

I hope you love their writing as much as I do. 💞

What I consume.

In the Bookshop:
Currently Reading: The Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler
On Deck: The Year of Blue Water by Yanyi

For July’s book club (WHICH IS TOMORROW!), we will be reading Conditional Citizens by Laila Lalami! Thank you to everyone who voted, and feel free to purchase a copy of the book here! Details are below.

Here's the event info:
Date & Time: Tuesday, July 27 @ 5PM PST/8PM EST
Registration Link!
Suggested donation (for those able to donate): $3-20 through Paypal or Venmo (@idyalz)

Item(s) of note.

  • Forever mood (above).

  • Even though this work to home transition guide is meant to be for therapists, I think the advice applies to a lot of us all the same.

  • A compelling argument against rubrics.

  • "Still, there is a need to discard former, flawed representations. There is likewise a need to re-represent a region booming with continuous, sophisticated, and diverse expressions of cultural innovation. And there is a need to support an expertise that can rewrite, hybridize, and resist previous imaginations of itself. What is not needed is a region that continues to be defined through the lens of decolonization and the agendas of perpetrators." Trinidad Rico on Heritage Studies after Said

  • My opinion but for academic books. 💖

  • I want to move to London if only to live on this houseboat that is now for sale.

A pup-date.

Big Girl unfortunately must enjoy the sun without little sunglasses. But tell me this: why is she so cute when she's squinty?

As always, thanks so much for reading through, and I'll see you in the next one!


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