I saw the subject 'instagram as archive' some time ago, and while I didn't have time to open the email immediately, I've been doing a little thinking about Instagram.

1. My instagram is basically an art account. I've been doing this for about nearly a year and a half and I really like being able to scroll through my feed and see all the art styles I've been through. Also, because I only post when I make art, it's like an archive of creative months and lean months.

2. For me, Pinterest boards (and later, Instagram saved folders) always start out with the goal of curation, but I eventually catch myself saving *everything* in random folders. I never actually go back and see what I've saved, but I like looking at old, abandoned pinterest boards as testimonies to the hobbies I used to have and the Johanna I used to be.

3. The only pinterest board I use regularly is my art inspiration board. For some reason, when I'm done with a piece, I delete the original art or photos that inspired it from my pinterest board. I think it began as an attempt to keep the board manageable (it currently has over 2k pins) but now it's a kind of finishing-art ritual.

I never experienced a 'zine-culture' so I like to think of Instagram resource guides as the modern zines.

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