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Hi Ida, I'm big on qualitative data and I find asking 'how' and for students to 'please share' stirs the cognitive juices in my students and yields richer responses than survey type/closed questions. I make the assumption that students are learning and making connections and sometimes need the invitation to think deeper. I was wondering how it might be more helpful to you to re-frame these questions:

"Can you share about what has been most challenging for you so far in this course?" to "Please share what has been..."

"Do you feel connected to the course material?" to "How do you feel connected to the course material?"

" Does it connect to your life or other coursework?" to "Where/How does the course material connect to your life/and/or other coursework?"

Thanks for all you do!

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I was very lapse with mid-terms this semester, I usually provide a survey that helps refine the second half, but love this article (almost certainly in Gavan's newsletter) that is also helping me think about opportunities for students to develop metacognition, and recognize themselves as learners. I really like the questions: "Do you feel connected to the course material? Does it connect to your life?" So often my students compartmentalize those different parts of their lives, what they are learning, how they are living...

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I really appreciate this. Evaluations are so hard, so I like the idea of being metacognitive to get more robust answers but to also be able to keep it brief. I really like Liz's reframing too!

Annnnd, I love that you're watercoloring! It looks so fun and freeing.

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