Loved this line ā€œ It reminded me that I am writing to communicate my ideas to a larger community invested in the same questions.ā€ This sense of an almost magical community on the other side felt so great in my body when I read it.

Iā€™m loving this format! Thanks for all your amazingness Ida šŸ’–

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Thank you Nisha!!! <3

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Sep 27, 2021Liked by Ida Yalzadeh

Kudos to you Ida for putting this, to me, scary stuff - our ego wrapped into our dissertations- out for all to read. I love the way you reframed how you can make meaning of engaging with the dissertation again; with curiosity. This mindset fits with Pearce's work in coordinated management of meaning theory so all that you wrote resonated with me, particularly going back for insights in how to move along.

I was wondering about your idea to consider reorganizing the book now. To me, it seemed out of place to reorganize unless you finished the book and I missed that part. How could the ideas of reorganization be a rabbit hole that is less connected to writing itself? I hope I am not overstepping here with this questions :-)

Thanks again for your transparency. Liz

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